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Wall Sconces Lighting For Your Home Decor

Wall sconces are basically lights mounted on walls instead of hanging from ceilings. These wall lights give indirect illumination and they have a cover - either partial or full - that hides the light bulb from view.

Having wall sconces lighting in your home is a great way to enhance any room decoration. This lighting is also great as outdoor lighting. Wall sconces are basically lights mounted on walls instead of hanging from ceilings. They give indirect lighting and they have a cover - either partial or full - that hides the light bulb from view.

Wall sconces lighting is used to give light to various areas in a home such as darker hallways, staircases,end tables and shelves or even as bathroom lighting. It usually provides a soothing, soft light that is not harmful to the eyes. It has one single light bulb. Some styles are shining downwards and others upwards, depending on the type you are getting. Unlike ceiling fans, these are hanging directly from the wall.

When you are buying your new wall sconce you also get the relevant hardware that allows you to mount it on the wall. Here are some home installation instructions as given by eletrical.about.com

Wall sconces come with mounting hardware to install your new light. The mounting bracket is secured the wall electrical box by securing it with two screws provided. It is powered by an electrical wire via a switch containing a hot, neutral, and ground. Once wired, a center stud is screwed into the bracket which the light fixture is attacked to with a locking nut. By simply adding a bulb, placing the lens cover on the light and turning on the light, you'll see the light glowing in no time!

What I particularly like about wall sconces is that they can set nicely the mood in the room they are installed, giving you a soft, romantic ambient. To get the best of the lighting offered by the wall sconces you need to get them in packs of 2 or 3. For example you can use one on each side of a vanity mirror or a cabinet or even the main house door.

Putting your wall sconces above the nightstand in the bedroom will give a soft light and also add a beautiful modern and stylish look to your room. Having two in the bedroom, each installed on one side of the bed will give you the maximum effect. If you look for bathroom wall sconces, you can find some that are created specifically to be installed in your bathroom.

wall sconcePeople who live in houses are also using successfully wall sconce lighting to give extra sense of security and an inviting atmosphere in the garden or backyard. Using George Kovacs style lights, for example, will give you a sense of joy and pride to have them around on your walls. If you don't have them yet, add them to your wish list, as you'll most likely add them as your Christmas or birthday gift. Mark my words!

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You can find a selection of wall sconces in all sorts of models and designs, one more beautiful than the other. With the many choices nowadays it is very easy to mix and match the style to fit perfectly with that of the furniture in your room.

An important question folks ask is where exactly to install or mount the lighting fixtures in terms of height. The best height would be between head level and the overhead level. For example if you install it on both sides of your door then the proper height is at the top level part of your door. So it really depends on what you install it on.

I've talked with a few people and they told me that they have no idea what wall sconces are. I found a video on Youtube that gives you a very short visual overview. Check out the video below for more.


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Additional articles on wall sconces:

Antique Sconces - Antique sconces are basically a type of wall sconces  that adds that historical ambient to any home they are installed in. The best homes to have these sconces are period or historic homes, or those with period type of furniture in them.

Bathroom Wall Sconces - Bathroom wall sconces are very popular with home owners and this is because they can give the bathroom that perfect illumination for that relatively small place.

Battery Operated Sconces - Battery operated sconces are available in beautiful designs and styles. They help you provide a soft and warm look and feel to any room in your home. The most inspiring feature of these sconces is the cost of installation. You are relieved from the trouble of hiring an electrician to install them.

Ceramic Wall Sconces - Ceramic wall sconces are a great way to enhance the ambient of any room and this is true for any other types of wall sconces lighting. However ceramic sconces add something extra to the mix: a great art way to truly customize them, which cannot be said for the other sconce types.

Colonial Wall Sconces - Colonial wall sconces are gorgeous candle holders that add to the beauty of your home. In the past, they came with ornamental brackets, reflecting more light. Now they are available in numerous styles to suit the decor of any home.

Crystal Wall Sconces - Using crystal wall sconces on the walls at home is a great way to enhance the look of any stairways and hallways, while at the same time illuminating darker areas and corners. Any space will be enlivened with the additional of wall sconces made of crystal, with their engaging charm and historic atmosphere which is inspired by old European traditions.

Decorative Wall Sconces - When decorative wall sconces in the rooms, you can easily transform any functional room or a hallway into a beautiful and cozy space or a dramatic entryway. While they offer you great illumination, they also increase the beauty and ambient of any room or foyer and even your home outdoor space.

Glass Wall Sconces - Glass wall sconces are some of the most loved types of wall sconces lighting on the market today. You can find wall sconces in many different materials, however glass gives them a modern, contemporary look. The reason is because glass can be easily handmade by lampworking or glass hand blowing, which makes the final piece as unique in appeal as you want it to be.

Murray Feiss Wall Sconces - Murray Feiss is a well known name in the world of lamps and fashion lighting. They have a wide range of light fixtures, including the popular Murray Feiss wall sconces, ceiling lights such as chandeliers, bath lighting and other wall lights, pendant lighting, outdoor lighting and several others.

Nautical Wall Sconces - Nautical wall sconces are available in ample varieties to suit both contemporary and traditional home style. These maritime themed radiant modules can withstand any element and brighten your home delightfully. Nautical wall sconces come with aluminum, brass, bronze and copper finishes. You can choose from the diverse range of colors and styles and bring the special beach house feel to your home.

Plug In Wall Sconces - Plug in wall sconces are there to solve the issue of difficult and complex installation of your wall sconces lighting. If you've installed some sconces on your wall, you know by now the problems this mounting has created for you. Many people complain that installing wall sconces is not very easy - at best, and quite a nightmare to do - at worst.

Tiffany Wall Sconces - Tiffany wall sonces are great making your home more inviting and pleasant. They don't take much space in the room and they really complement any room decor you might have in your home.

Outdoor Wall Sconces - Outdoor wall sconces have their beginnings in the times when torches and candles were used to lit up the roads of old towns and castles in the medieval era. Of course electricity was non-existent during those times so people used wall sconces and torches to light their way through the streets.

Wrought Iron Wall Sconces - Wrought iron wall sconces are the perfect way to give you beautiful and special light in your living area or outdoors. If you have children at home, they also provide with extra protection from open flames that other lighting sources might offer.

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